Whisker Patrol website launched!

After weeks of planning, writing and development the Whisker Patrol website is now live!

The Whisker Patrol program is a community-based project which aims to identify individual Australian sea lions by using their whisker spot patterns.  Australian sea lions are the country’s only endemic species of sea lion – they are found only in Australia and nowhere else in the world. To learn more about this endangered species, please visit the Education section.  The ability to identify individual animals would allow us to further investigate sea lion ecology, thus directly contributing to conservation efforts aiming to protect this species.

Whiskers of an Australian sea lion

Whisker spots of an Australian sea lion

To do this, we are using photographs of animals to examine these whisker patterns and see if there are differences between individuals.  But we need plenty of photographs – which is where you come in!

You are more than welcome to help us and participate in this project! Please upload your whisker photos in the Get Involved! section of this site. Please check out the Watching Sea lions section for viewing guidelines, and the Photo Masterclass for details on requirements for photo submission!

In the meantime, be sure to check back regularly for project updates, announcements of public talks and events, and other sea lion news!  Why not consider subscribing to the website or even following us on Twitter?

Whisker Patrol Web Developers

The Whisker Patrol website is up and running thanks to site developers Sylvia, Sarah, Chandra and Alex (L-R) from Curtin University!


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