Associated Projects

IMG_3828AMMC Project

The project funded by the AMMC is supporting the baseline of Whisker Patrol funded by the NRM.  The AMMC project examines whether whisker spot patterns could be used to reliably identify individual Australian sea lions (Neophoca cinerea), and test computer-aided matching techniques.  The AMMC project summary can be found here.

PhD Project

Whisker Patrol is also part of a PhD project studying the conservation ecology and human disturbance of Australian sea lions in the Perth Metropolitan Area. This project is being undertaken by Sylvia Osterrieder (Victoria University and Curtin University), and investigates aspects of Australian sea lion habitat use, daily haul-out (when sea lions are on land) pattern and haul-out behaviour.  It is also examining sea lion behavioural variation in relation to human disturbance at locations with different wildlife management regulations.