Project Aims


We are aiming to tell “who’s who” in Australian sea lions

This NRM-funded community-based Whisker Patrol project complements an AMMC-funded project by testing additional pattern recognition algorithms (from those being tested in the AMMC project) for individual identification of sea lions, and extending the testing to community contributed photos. Sea lion species photographed in the project include Australian sea lions and California sea lions. The pattern recognition algorithms being tested include:

1) Chamfer distance transform  (AMMC supported)

2) Pattern recognition using a finger print approach (AMMC supported)

3) Numerical pattern matching (NRM supported)

We will test and compare the methods’ effectiveness and efficiency, and indicate its applicability and accuracy for investigating sea lion population demographics for conservation and management of endangered Australian sea lions. A key aspect of this project is to engage the community and test the effectiveness of community-contributed photos to the application.